Strategies for Buying and Selling a Business


CATEGORY: Professional Practice

SPEAKER: Arthur J. Werner, Esq.

This seminar features a complete discussion of buying and selling a business. Topics include: Valuation methods; stock purchase v. asset purchase; estate transfer and tax issues; gifting a business interest; S corp. stock transfer to trusts; self-canceling installment notes; transfer of business interest to split interest trusts and GRITS; family limited partnerships; real world planning techniques. An amazing course - Do not miss this!

PLUS: A newly added primer for 2024 which will cover the business, legal, and estate planning issues that arise when selling a family business. The panelists will cover the preparation, negotiation and closing of the sale of a family business. Special attention will be given to market trends, legal issues, and tax planning ideas including: 1) Important legal steps to take when planning to sell a family business. 2) Key legal issues that a family should expect as part of the sale process. 3) What a company can do in today’s environment to prepare for a sale? 4) How does a recession/high interest rate environment impact valuation? 5) On the tax and estate planning side, what are the big picture questions families should be asking once they know that they are interested in selling the family business? 6) Options that will mitigate the tax consequences of a sale. 7) Strategies to tax efficiently having one’s children share in the benefits of the sale.

Topics & Learning Objectives Include:

  • Valuation Methods
  • Stock Purchase v. Asset Purchase
  • Estate Transfer and Tax Issues
  • Gifting a Business Interest
  • S Corp. Stock Transfer to Trusts
  • Self-Canceling Installment Notes
  • Transfer of Business Interest to Split Interest Trusts and GRITS
  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • Real World Planning Techniques
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