Diversity Issues for Law Firms


CATEGORY: Diversity, Inclusion & Elimination of Bias

SPEAKER: Arthur Werner, Esq.

In an increasingly competitive legal landscape, studies have shown that law firms that are aware of and actively participate in developing a DEI corporate culture are more likely to achieve success. This course is designed to provide legal professionals with the knowledge and strategies necessary to navigate the changing landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, reduce bias, and build a more inclusive and successful firm community. Throughout this dynamic webcast, participants will delve into the complexities of bias, explore the power of branding to increase DEI, and learn how data-driven approaches can quantify the impact of DEI initiatives.

This all new one CLE credit course satisfies the Diversity requirement for all attorneys renewing their licenses. It has received rave reviews and is an extremely timely topic.

Topics & Learning Objectives Include:

  • Recognizing the importance of DEI in achieving firm success
  • Exploring the evolving dynamics and trends in DEI practices
  • Identifying challenges and opportunities in creating an inclusive workplace culture
  • Examining the complexities of bias, including innate and learned biases
  • Strategies to reduce bias in decision-making processes
  • Promoting a culture of inclusivity and belonging within the firm
  • Leveraging branding as a tool to attract diverse talent
  • Creating an intentional hiring plan that promotes diversity and inclusion
  • Fostering a workplace culture that embraces individuals from all backgrounds
  • Using data to measure the success of DEI initiatives
  • Identifying key metrics to track progress and evaluate the impact of DEI efforts
  • Leveraging data to drive continuous improvement and sustain long-term DEI practices
  • Creating genuine opportunities for growth and advancement for diverse lawyers
  • Providing resources and support systems for underrepresented professionals
  • Addressing health challenges common among clients, particularly aging clients

Arthur Werner is one of the most prominent Federal Tax lecturers in the nation, with a special expertise in Estate, Trusts and Elder Law issues.

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