Cybersecurity Compliance Update for Attorneys

Compliance, Safeguards, Rules


CATEGORY: Professional Practice

SPEAKER: Arthur Werner, JD

This all new 2 CLE credit course satisfies the new Cybersecurity requirement for all attorneys renewing their licenses beginning July 1, 2023.


This course is designed to provide learners with an understanding of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Cybersecurity Checklist and how it can be used to protect taxpayer data. The course will cover the basics of cybersecurity, including threats, risks, and vulnerabilities. Learners will be introduced to the IRS Cybersecurity Checklist, which provides a framework for organizations to assess and enhance their cybersecurity practices.

The course will cover the various elements of the IRS Cybersecurity Checklist, including access control, data protection, and employee training. Learners will gain an understanding of the importance of each element and how it contributes to the overall security of taxpayer data. The course will also cover best practices for implementing each element of the IRS Cybersecurity Checklist.

Throughout the course, learners will be presented with real-world examples of cybersecurity threats and breaches, highlighting the importance of effective cybersecurity practices. Learners will also be given practical exercises and assessments to reinforce their understanding of the IRS Cybersecurity Checklist.

Topics & Learning Objectives Include:

  • Defining Cybersecurity and Cyber Risks
  • Implications of Cybercrime
  • Cyber Attack Trends
  • Landscape of Cyberattacks
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Security Standards and Frameworks
  • Cybersecurity Roadmap
  • And Much More!

Arthur Werner is one of the most prominent Federal Tax lecturers in the nation, with a special expertise in Pensions, Estate & Trusts and Elder Law issues.

Program Level: OverviewPrerequisites: Basic Knowledge of Federal Retirement Plan TaxationAdvance Preparation: None Required
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