2023-2024 Ethics of Taxation - NYS & Beyond


CATEGORY: Regulatory Ethics, Tax

SPEAKER: Robert E. McKenzie, Esq.

DATE: Any Day Mon.-Thurs. July 15-18
Any Day Mon.-Thurs. Aug. 19-22
Any Day Mon.-Thurs. Sep. 9-12

TIME: View Anytime Between 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Eastern

LOCATION: All New (2023) Pre-Recorded Webinar With Live Q&A

We all try to the right thing but many of us have busy practices and those pressures may cause us to inadvertently face an ethical problem. Circular 230 has duties and responsibilities upon practitioners who represent taxpayers before the IRS. CPA’s also have similar ethical standards to meet state rules and attorneys also have state bar rules. Anyone who practices before the IRS must comply with these requirements of both the state and federal governments. This class is designed to help you avoid violating your ethical duties. Earn all your 4 CPE/CLE credits in Ethics from this seminar! This course qualifies for NYS, Ohio, IRS Enrolled Agents, and all states that do not have a specific ethics requirements*.

*Our ethics course will satisfy the general professional ethics requirement in all states except those that require a state specific ethics course (States that do NOT accept our ethics course: AR, AZ, DE, FL, LA, MS, NJ, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, WY. All other states accept our ethics course. We now have an approved NJ ethics course, click here to view available dates.).

Topics & Learning Objectives Include:

Ethics per IRS Circular 230

  • Standards and penalties for tax preparers
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Due diligence when preparing returns
  • Understand your duties
  • The best practices to avoid problems
  • Advising taxpayers of mistakes on their returns
  • Proper practice promotion rules

Bob McKenzie is one of the most knowledgeable lecturers on IRS matters in the nation. He is a former IRS officer and knows all the inner workings of the IRS.

  • Program Level: Overview
  • Prerequisites: Basic Knowledge of Federal Taxation
  • Advance Preparation: None Required
  • $205.00 $165.00
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