Individual Tax Update

Everything You Need to Know for 2018 Form 1040 per TCJA


CATEGORY: Taxation


DATE: Available Until April 15, 2019

TIME: 300 Minutes - 5 Hours

LOCATION: Self Study - Seminar Archives

This seminar incorporates everything you need to know to prepare your 2018 Federal income tax returns with emphasis on individual taxation. The instructor will highlight all new tax laws and changes for 2018 as per TCJA. The latest tax cases and IRS rulings will be discussed. Clearly - your entire staff must attend this seminar.

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Topics & Learning Objectives Include:

  • Recent Cases & IRS Rulings Applicable To 2018 Returns. 

  • TCJA Changes Part 1
    • 1. New Tax Rates.
    • 2. Itemized Deduction Changes.
    • 3. Schedule C Changes.
    • 4. New Qualified Opportunity Zones.
    • 5 Schedule E, F, & SE Changes.
    • 6. New Accounting Methods.
    • 7. New Child & Family Credits.
    • 8. New Depreciation Rules.
    • 9. 529 Accounts.
    • 10. New FBAR Rules.
    • 11. New Fringe Benefit.
    • 12. New Like-Kind Exchange Rules.
    • 13. New NOL Rules.

    TCJA Changes Part 2
    • 1. Illustration of New Form 1040.
    • 2. New Medical Expense Rules.
    • 3. New Charity Rules.
    • 4. New Mortgage Interest Rules.
    • 5. New Estate Rules. 
    • And much more.

    Bill Leonard is one of the most knowledgeable tax lecturers in the nation. He has the ability to simplify the most complex tax rules. Bring in all your tax questions and get a CORRECT answer.

  • Program Level: Overview
  • Prerequisites: Basic Knowledge of Individual Taxation
  • Advance Preparation: None Required
  • $295.00 $230.00

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